Blog a Book: Chapter Four

A Musical Mystery “Well, what is it?" Mrs. Quibble asked, trying to see inside the package and subsequently dripping dishwater all over the floor. Frowning, she began to wipe it up. "A . . . box?" Elora said as she peered inside the package. "Why would someone give me a box?" she asked, puzzled. She … Continue reading Blog a Book: Chapter Four

Blog a Book: Chapter Three

The Opening of a Peculiar Package Elora was not sure she had ever been so happy to see her mom. "My goodness, girls!" said Mrs. Quibble as the two drenched children scrambled into the backseat. "Why didn't you leave as soon as you heard thunder?!" "Mom!" Elora gasped (suddenly forgetting her previous commitment to the … Continue reading Blog a Book: Chapter Three