Blog a Book: Chapter Six

Into the Mansion The Drindle Mansion -- by David Jackson As the trio munched on tea and toast, Elora shared all the strange happenings at the Drindle mansion. "Hmmmm . . . we seem to have quite the little mystery on our hands," said Mrs. Coddiwomple. "Not unsolvable, mind you, but peculiar nonetheless. However, I … Continue reading Blog a Book: Chapter Six

Blog a Book: Chapter Five

The Witchamacallit Elora whirled around to see who spoke. At first, she didn't believe her eyes -- standing in the doorway was an older woman in one of the most outlandish outfits she'd ever seen. She wore a large, pointed, bright orange hat; multi-colored reading glasses (that inexplicably remained on her long pointed nose); huge … Continue reading Blog a Book: Chapter Five