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New Children’s Book Coming Soon!

So excited to announce that my most recent children's book project "Mimsy and Me and the Remarkable Ragtime Rhythm" is in the works! Also thrilled to be working with David Jackson of Profile Art 116 for the illustrations. Below is a little bit of background from the newly launched Facebook Page. You can also follow… Continue reading New Children’s Book Coming Soon!


Letters from China 1937

The excerpts below were written by Rev. Andrew Allison a couple of months before the Japanese army invaded Nanking (current day Nanjing). Rev. Allison (a distant relative of mine by marriage) and his wife lived near Nanjing and Shanghai in Kiangyin (current day Jiangyin) as missionaries prior to WWII. My mom recently discovered 5 of… Continue reading Letters from China 1937

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Reputation vs. Repentance

Growing up, I was fascinated by stories from the past. I have so many great memories of visiting relatives, sitting on the porch with them, and talking non-stop about so and so and how our family history is connected to this and that. It was fascinating and, I suppose, partly why I became a history… Continue reading Reputation vs. Repentance

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“A Whole World is Hidden from Us”

I've been thinking about the term "perspective" lately. It's a loaded term. According to the online Mirriam-Webster dictionary one definition is, "The interrelation in which a subject or its parts are mentally viewed." That sounds a bit like word salad to me, so I looked it up in the Mirriam-Webster ELEMENTARY dictionary which says, "The… Continue reading “A Whole World is Hidden from Us”