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The Struggle to Pray

Praying consistently is a challenge for me. And I say this as a co-leader of a church ministry designed to pray. Ironic, isn't it? But it's true. You know what's easy for me? Planning. I can plan and vision cast and talk about global events for hours on end, but ask me to lead prayer… Continue reading The Struggle to Pray

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Run for the Hills

I ran, sprinted really, but slowed to a jog as fingers began pointing in my direction. “I won’t be gone long,” I thought, “Just a few hours.” I focused on the silent distant hills. They seemed a sanctuary after months of sprawling cities, chaotic movement, and pointing fingers. I was the only American and the… Continue reading Run for the Hills

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Reputation vs. Repentance

Growing up, I was fascinated by stories from the past. I have so many great memories of visiting relatives, sitting on the porch with them, and talking non-stop about so and so and how our family history is connected to this and that. It was fascinating and, I suppose, partly why I became a history… Continue reading Reputation vs. Repentance

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Speaking from Experience

I read this article last week and have been thinking about it ever since. This quote sums it up well. People who live abroad get broken there.....They have seen poverty and the global realities of politics and their own ideas on these topics have been transformed. They are no longer welcome, when they speak from… Continue reading Speaking from Experience

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On Ministry Leadership

Years ago, I jumped at the chance to lead church ministries. Need someone to teach a Bible study? Sign me up. Need someone to organize and launch a ministry? Not a problem. Need a support person to float around the room making sure everyone's comfortable? I'm your girl. I was eager to live and breathe… Continue reading On Ministry Leadership