Blog a Book: Chapter Five

The Witchamacallit Elora whirled around to see who spoke. At first, she didn't believe her eyes -- standing in the doorway was an older woman in one of the most outlandish outfits she'd ever seen. She wore a large, pointed, bright orange hat; multi-colored reading glasses (that inexplicably remained on her long pointed nose); huge … Continue reading Blog a Book: Chapter Five

Blog a Book: Chapter Four

A Musical Mystery “Well, what is it?" Mrs. Quibble asked, trying to see inside the package and subsequently dripping dishwater all over the floor. Frowning, she began to wipe it up. "A . . . box?" Elora said as she peered inside the package. "Why would someone give me a box?" she asked, puzzled. She … Continue reading Blog a Book: Chapter Four