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Of Means and Miracles

I've been thinking more about my recent Facebook post and decided to expand on it in a blog post. This is part of what I wrote on FB: Being sexually abused as a child damaged my mind in indescribable ways. Today, my mind felt irreparable and beyond hope despite the progress I’ve made through medication… Continue reading Of Means and Miracles

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Redeeming Love

A recent article I read argued that the US justice system is often too lenient on perpetrators of sexual assault. Not only that, but there can also be a significant disparity in sentencing based on race, socio-economic status, etc. As Rachel Denhollander tweeted regarding the article, "The answer is horrifically simple. We just don't think… Continue reading Redeeming Love

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You crept through my bedroom window tonight and beckoned me to join you. I’ve changed, but perhaps you couldn’t see that in the darkness. My freckles stand out against the white sheets as you connect the dots to discover my face. Some freckles are missing as creases swallow them whole, but you recognize me through… Continue reading Moonlight

Christmas Parodies

A Mississippi Christmas Song Parody

(To be sung to “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire") Hot dogs roasting on an open fireSunburn peeling on your noseYuletide carols being sung to inspireA drop in temperature, and so — Everybody knows tornados and some heavy rainSwitch the seasons with a fight Tiny spots with the radar aglow Will make it hard to… Continue reading A Mississippi Christmas Song Parody

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Let there be Light

(Trigger warning: subject matter involves child sexual abuse.) As many of you know, I was sexually abused as a child. There were two incidents -- one involved an old man, and the other, an older boy. The first involved being groomed by an adult, the other was the "natural" result of being consistently intimidated and… Continue reading Let there be Light

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He thinks I'm beautiful. But all I see are marks welded into my skin by sun, rain, wind, and age. He thinks I'm beautiful. But all I feel are lacerations of the soul inflicted by those who could not see beauty -- only opportunity. He says I'm beautiful. But instead of hearing his life-giving words,… Continue reading Scars

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From the Pit of Hell

World Suicide Prevention Day was a couple of weeks ago. That day, I read about another beloved Christian who died by his own hand. I don't know him and I don't know his story, but according to his Twitter feed, he was a pastor who was very concerned about mental illness which makes his death… Continue reading From the Pit of Hell